Inarijärvi on monipuolinen melontakohde

Lake Inari – The dream destination for canoeing

Lake Inari is located in Lapland and it’s the third largest lake in Finland. Lake Inari offers a large set of different wilderness activities, including paddling, canoeing, fishing and birdwatching.

The Lake encloses 3318 islands, of which largest are Kaamassaari, Mahlatti and Leveä Petäjäsaari. The many islands bring great beauty to the scenery, but also a danger of getting lost in between them so marked boatlanes help navigation in and around the lake.

Independent or guided canoeing?

An independent paddler should plan longer paddling trips carefully and up front. For an inexperienced paddler it’s recommended to take the guided tour so one can enjoy the paddling experience full-heartedly.